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Backend tools for Contao 4.4+
14.01.2020 20:56
Version Freigabe-Notizen und Änderungs-Log
1.6.9 Fixed: Wrong version compare
1.6.8 + Fixed: Overwrite CSS for all links only on backend module sysinfo phpinfo
+ Fixed: Wrong alignment for language on root pages
1.6.7 + Added: Add name of layout to title on layout button (see #44)
+ Changed: Replace 'menatwork/contao-multicolumnwizard' with 'menatwork/contao-multicolumnwizard-bundle' (see #34)
+ Fixed: Version feature breaks version info in sysinfo tab packages (see #46)
+ Fixed: Version info shows lower version than current (see #47)
+ Fixed: Missing error message if no md-File found (see #43)
+ Fixed: Can´t use install tool because redirect to login
1.6.6 + Support rsce-Templates for feature 'Element classes'
1.6.5 + Fixed: Hook 'parseTemplate' for element classes not called in frontend (#41)
1.6.4 + Fixed: Use of 'return;' in config/config.php breaks other extension includes
1.6.3 + Fixed: Do not add features when in install tool
+ Fixed: Some issues with the monolog.logger
1.6.2 * Changed: Show latest versions only if different to current version
* Added: Log entry for getting contao versions from github
1.6.1 + Fixed: Some issues with version feature
1.6.0 + Added: Show newest Contao version in backend (System settings)
1.5.2 + Fixed: Consider the rights management on create backend module order
add Zeige mehr Versionen an
1.5.1 + Fixed: Solve an array problem with feature 'Order of backend modules'
+ Fixed: Add missing feature to
1.5.0 + Added: New option to set the order of the backend modules in the system settings
1.4.2 + Changed: Function id-view now searchable and colored, click again shift to remove
+ Changed: Remove dca field 'cssClasses' if no classes assigned
+ Fixed: Replace some used deprecated functions
1.4.1 * Fixed: Backend link problems
* Fixed: Tables are not correct added to backend modules when use backend tabs
* Fixed: Some backend link problems with app_dev.php
1.4.0 * Added: Make markdown file editable
* Added: New feature sysinfo
* Fixed: Correct language array for id-search
1.3.2 * Fixed: A foreach problem with module-tabs
* Changed: Remove the feature fullwidth from 4.5, since it is no longer necessary
1.3.1 * Fixed: Theme buttons with wrong id´s (then multiple themes exists)
* Fixed: Illegal string warning on rocksolid custom elements
* Fixed: Search contao-manager.phar.php in wrong directory
* Fixed: Dom manipulation has a problem with the markup from the mediamanager from isotope.
* Fixed: Problem with script tag in allowed HTML tags / settings
* Fixed: HTML-Entitäten werden in den Übersetzungen wieder dekodiert
* Fixed: Add missing language labels
1.3.0 * Added: New feature 'Element classes'
* Fixed: 'Call to a member function hasAccess() on null' on site structure page
* Fixed: Add 'rel="noopener"' to links with 'target="_blank"'
1.2.3 * Added: Option '_blank' for backend links
* Fixed: A problem with BackendUser->authenticate() and the install tool on fresh installations
1.2.2 * Fixed: Wrong paddings of top links
* Fixed: Missing tooltips for edit multiple buttons in the toolbar
* Fixed: Edit button not visible, with option 'save buttons'
1.2.1 * Fixed: Array errors (Thanks to Tastaturberuf)
* Fixed: Some stuff find by phpstorm inspections
* Fixed: Missing feature in docs
1.2.0 * Added: a toolbar button for the contao-manager (only if manager exists)
* Added: a new feature that dissolve the save- and edit multiple-buttons
* Added: a new feature that shows an edit layout button in site structure
* Added: a new feature that make a full width backend possible
1.1.0 Changelog

* Add button 'Create template' to toolbar (see #3).
* Add feature 'User backend redirects on login' (see #4)
1.0.1 - Fixes a problem, when no theme exists
- Fixes CSS for new header height (since 4.4.3)
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