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03.02.2020 16:28
Version Freigabe-Notizen und Änderungs-Log
v2.0.8 * Remove reduntant beSwitch link for Contao 4.9
v2.0.7 * Fix compatibility issue with Contao 4.7
v2.0.6 * Fixed preview mode compatibility with Contao 4.8
* Don’t remove dummy elements from `text/html` scripts
v2.0.5 * Fixed compatibility with Contao 4.8
* Fixed bug with HTML tags in JavaScript templates, #39
v2.0.4 * Fixed bug with ESI tags, #37
* Don’t insert data for empty frontend modules, #37
* Added layout name to edit link, #38
v2.0.3 * Added check if session is started, #28
* Fixed bug with multiple fe_ templates, #21
* Fixed bug with matching tags and attributes, #26
* Fixed bug with preview mode in Contao 4.5/4.6, #34
v2.0.2 * Fixed missing `CURRENT_ID` for `act=create`
v2.0.1 * Fixed compatibility for Contao 4.5
* Fixed missing icons
v1.2.4 - Fixed bug with form fields in frontend modules
- Fixed bug with empty referrers
- Fixed articles URL
- Fixed bug with history management, see #19
v1.2.3 - Fixed compatibility issues with other extensions
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v1.2.2 - Fixed bug with bad server configurations of `arg_separator.output`
v1.2.1 - Fixed symlink recursion
- Fixed icon paths for Contao 4
v1.2.0 - Added compatibility for Contao 4
- Fixed bug with invalid `data-frontend-helper`, see #15
- Added links for news, events, comments, newsletter recipients and mega menu
- Added cancel button, see #13
- Added support for columns and custom elements in forms
v1.1.1 - Improved performance of class name handling, see #12
- Fixed compatibility issues with dlh_googlemaps, see #14
v1.1.0 - Added compatibility for ce-access, see #2
- Added option to open the backend in a lightbox, see #8
- Added delete and create links, see #9 and #10
v1.0.10 - Improved template creation
- Added image sizes link for Contao 3.4
v1.0.9 - Added support for RockSolid Slider content elements
- Removed detection of wrapper front end modules
- Fixed bug with column wrappers with headlines
v1.0.8 - Improved compatibility with rocksolid-columns
- Fixed bug with undefined templates
v1.0.7 - Changed toolbar positions
v1.0.6 - Improved toolbar position when scrolling the page
- Improved detection of wrapper frontend modules
v1.0.5 - Added Composer integration
- Improved JavaScript performance
- Fixed bug with access protection on Apache 2.4
- Fixed bug with BE_USER_AUTH cookie, see #1
First stable release
- Added an advanced main toolbar
- Added edit source links for templates
- Added support for empty elements
- Added RockSolid Theme Assistant integration
- Added layout section information
- Improved bounding client rect calculation
- Fixed compatibility with Contao 3.2

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